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Age Appropriate Toys That Can be Found on AliExpress Canada

AliExpress Canada toys
Written by Sam Oldwin

Let’s take a little tour here, and talk about age – appropriate toys that you can find on the best online shopping websites. If you have no idea what to buy to your baby or your toddler, I will be more than happy to help you. I am writing an AliExpress Canada review on some great toys that can be found there.

Find them on Aliexpress Canada

Yes, that’s right. There is no need to leave your house, just spend some free time with your kid and in no time, with few clicks, find a perfect toy for your beloved child. Also, you can choose an ideal toy as a gift to a child.

Is Aliexpress Canada a website for toys only?

No, Aliexpress Canada is a website where you can find almost everything you know and didn’t know you need… But, right now I am going to present you some of the greatest age – appropriate toys that you can find there.

Toys for 0-3 months

The best toys for this age (0-3 months) would be some hand – held toys and musical toys. Even though your baby still can’t hold an item for a long period of time, he will surely be entertained. Also, make sure to buy soft toys so your baby doesn’t hurt himself. Be careful with the edges and the size of a toy

So, when you decide to search for toys on shopping online sites, search for hand – held toys, music box, wind chimes… Also, unbreakable mirror would be a great thing to buy, babies love to see reflection of themselves in it.

Toys for 3-6 months

At this age, babies discover how fun their hands are. If he is interested in a toy, baby will try to grab it himself and he will bring it closer to his mouth in order to chew it. So make sure that the toys you buy are safe for chewing. Shopping online sites should have a toy description so you can make sure they are safe. Aliexpress Canada offers you to read a description on every item.

When you browse the internet and some of the best  online shopping websites, for a toy that your 3, 4, 5, and 6 months old baby will be fascinated with, search for a soft stuffed animals, colorful toys, squeaky rubber toys and, of course, colorful teething ring, because your baby will start teething at that age.

Toys for 6-9 months

Your baby is now becoming aware that objects around him exists even if he can’t see them or feel them anymore. So, take toys you have, show them to your baby then hide them. Show them once again, and see your baby’s reaction. I am sure you will see a smile on their faces.

His play becomes more vigorous and if he pick up a toy he can bang it against floor in order to make a sound. If you don’t mind the noise, buy him some drums and he will absolutely love them.

These fun toys can help the baby explore his quickly developing skills: Books, balls, toys that make noise, push toys and household items.

Toys for 9-12 months

By the time your baby is 9 months old he can creep around the house and by the time he is 12 months old, he may be able to walk.

His, problem – solving skills, are improving too.

So what to buy? Toy telephone, because babies love to imitate their parents and blocks.

Toys for 12-18 months

Your baby is a big kid now, he is running down the street so fast and he is making you forget about the days when he didn’t know how to use his legs. His hands are more coordinated and he can do a lots of things with them.

You can buy large building big bricks, balls, crayons to write with (better buy some paper too, to keep your walls safe), and picture books.

Toys for 18-24 months

Young toddlers are becoming more independent but they still have their limits. They like to pretend they are grownups, so toys like mini plastic dishwasher and vacuum cleaner are absolute hit in their age. Train sets, puzzles, colorful cars and balls in all sizes (except the small ones) should be your choice.

Toys for 24-30 months

Kids this age are more confident and they can do almost everything by themselves. They are full of energy and they can run all day and play all day. Balls are still their favorite toys. Make sure to have at least one ball.

They are now very creative and imaginative. The world is their playground. Give them some art supplies and invite them to be creative, to create things, build things and to pretend that those self-made toys are something else. For example – snacks can be their jewelry.

Also, they like to dress – up, so, find clothes, make – up, accessories and pretend that you two are on stage… That should be fun. Dress – up costumes can be found on some of the best online shopping websites that I mentioned earlier.

Toys from 30 to 36 months

By the time your child reaches his third birthday he will be ready for more challenging toys. So, feel free to encourage his intelligence and his independence. He is ready for mind games, like puzzles and board & memory games. You can give him, or just surround him with age-appropriate books.

So, check those shopping online sites and find some lovely books, games and puzzles and play with your three – year old.

If you read this AliExpress Canada review, you should, by now, know what toys, nowadays, kids just love. Best online shopping websites offer you everything kids love.

Make sure to always check the toy’s description and to check if it safe for your kid. Never give him small toys that can fit into his mouth or toys with a sharp edge

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