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5 Amazing Fitness Items on Souq Online – The Arab Online Giant

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Written by Sam Oldwin

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker:

If you are a fitness freak or a sports man, fitbit is up with its Alta Fitness tracker available on souq online. The Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker is a band that needs to be worn around the wrist and with the various sensors and functions in the tracker, the band actually tracks your activities, like the number of steps you take in a day, the number of calories burned in a day, your heart beat rate and various other useful statistics to keep you healthy. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker can be paired with phones of any platform be it android, windows phone or an apple iPhone. This is one of the best products available for fitness in Dubai souq online.

This tracker will also use these data to analyze and suggest what the appropriate set of workouts and exercises will be for your body making it one of the best products available on souq online in Dubai. Its minimalistic appearance makes it a cute but powerful thing to wear and run. The best part about this is that it is available on Dubai souq (UAE souq) for a stunning discount of 49%. So hurry, go grab what is yours on souq online before the stocks run out, because the offer is valid only till the first few sets of stocks last on souq in Dubai.

Aerobic Ball at Souq Online:

When you do workout, you come across a lot of exercises that involve equipment ranging from a weightlifting rod and weights to a hydraulic gym system. There are also floor exercises and workouts that you can do without the use of any equipment. This is one of the best products available on souq online and souq in Dubai. The fullest essence of floor exercises is achieved only when you have an aerobic ball. The case becomes inevitable for people who are on a weight-loss program.

This aerobic ball is 65cm long along its diameter and thus is sufficient enough for anyone who uses it. Buying this aerobic ball will help one do exercises related to abdomen, chest, pilates, and almost every other workout freely and comfortably, making it to the top list in souq online. souq offers this aerobic ball at a price you can only dream from other websites. UAE souq online provides to you for just 32 Arab Emirates Dirham. Wise people will grab without a second thought. Are you wise enough?

The Push Up Bar:

This is something that is rightly designed and made for the fitness freak who cannot hit the gym regularly and needs something at home to do the workouts daily. The push up bar available on UAE souq online for 39 AED helps one to do push ups efficiently.

The push up bar also a firm PVC skeleton that can withstand efficiently almost any load from a human body. There is also a rubber grip available for comfort purposes.  These features combined, makes the push up bar one of the most sought after products in fitness on souq online.

You can do different types of push ups like the spider-man push up, the scorpion push up T push up, Singe feet push up, feet elevated push up, narrow bar push up, wide bar push up and a lot more with the push up bar with you. One can change the distance between the rods easily according to their preferences. No other website offers these push up bars at an equal price or lesser than this. So the best advice for your chest workout is to buy the push up bars from UAE souq online for the reasonable price.

Fitness World Air Walker:

The fitness world air walker is a simplified version of the orbitrek, with which you can do you jogging workout without jogging from home. If you want to job a lot but you miss your TV or any other work at home simultaneously, then this is something that is inevitable for you. All you need to do is to place it somewhere, the space required for which is that of the one required for a bicycle and just step on it to do your workout. This is the most interesting product on souq Egypt. In one go of workout for about an hour, you can easily burn about 600 to 800 calories.

You can use the fitbit alta fitness tracker to track the distance you have ran virtually and statically on the fitness world air walker. So this becomes one of the best products that is a must buy for fitness. The fitness world air walker is exclusively available on souq online for 399 AED which is actually the best price you can get for any other fitness equipment of this type like the orbitrek itself. UAE souq offers the product for a very low cost. So go grab yours on the souq KSA and start your fitness plan right away.

Hula Hoop in Souq Online:

The Hula Hoop is something that is extremely helpful for you after the fitness session. It is a vital part of your workout schedule, because you need relaxation of your muscles after an extreme workout session. It can be both used as a workout and as a massager. This makes it one of the popularly searched products in souq Egypt. It helps you tone your body shape and with regular use, it has shown tremendous change in many of the customers who buy this on UAE souq online.

The Hula Hoop has magnetic balls in it that effectively makes you burn calories as well as massages the muscles it interfaces with. In addition to fat burning, working out with the Hula Hoop makes your muscle robust and strong. UAE Souq offers this piece of beauty for just 65 AED. So, if you are looking forward to start a body toning programme on souq eqypt and on souq KSA, you should better invest in this instead of hitting the gym and getting tired after an extreme gym session. It is an easy way to a better physical health available on souq online.

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