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15 Helpful Gadgets under $5, found on AliExpress USA

AliExpress USA
Written by Sam Oldwin

What is AliExpress USA?

AliExpress USA is located both in China and USA and is a leading shopping online site, online shopping store that has almost everything you need, from a needle to an anchor.

Why should I buy on AliExpress USA?

Right off the bat, the first reason is because it is much easier than buying in real stores, much cheaper and much more organized.

Visit these – best online shopping websites and find these gadgets for great price. I guarantee they will be very useful to you.

  1. Baby digital pacifier thermometer. Under 2 dollars

Tired of those complicated thermometers that you cannot use because your baby is so restless. Visit mentioned shopping online sites and find this great digital thermometer pacifier, specifically designed to fit to your baby’s mouth. Measure your baby’s temperature in 3 minutes, very easily. It has beeper function and it is very accurate. So, if you have a baby, you will know that this item can be very helpful.

  1. Bottle – soda dispenser. Under 4 dollars

You do not have to pour the soda on the old-fashioned way. With this dispenser, just turn the bottle upside – down, put the dispenser on it, prepare a glass and press – soda is poured into the glass. Pretty useful and pretty cheap

  1. Cake knife, Slicer – Server. Under 2 dollars.

Ever happened to you to make a perfect looking cake which you always destroy while trying to slice it and serve it? You don’t need to worry anymore, visit our best shopping online websites and order this thing immediately. Just put the slicer onto the cake, press it down and your cake is sliced. Press the slicer and serve the cake you just sliced. Easy, right?

  1. Flexible USB LED lamp. Under 3 dollars.

This is a great small LED lamp that you can put everywhere you want and get some light wherever you want. Really cheap and yet so useful. It can be found on these shopping online sites, which I mentioned before, for less than 3 dollars.

  1. Led Solar Panel – Camping Light. Under a dollar.

Great thing to have in your pocket in case you get lost in the dark. It charges itself with solar energy so there is no need to replace battery and you will always have light, in case you need it.

  1. Self-stirring Coffee mug. Under 5 dollars at AliExpress USA.

Let’s be honest, not useful, but very cool, especially for the lazy ones. Check out some of the best online shopping websites, like aliexpress USA or maybe aliexpress English, depending on where you live, and find those cool mugs.

  1. Credit Card led light bulb. Under 1 dollar.

Very convenient led light bulb that can fit inside the wallet. The design is great, the interior has a ‘light bulb’ that you just fold up to turn the light on. And when you want to turn the light off, just put the ‘light bulb’ down. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

  1. Grocery bag holder. Under 3 dollars.

If you are the one in your household who always carries the bags from the grocery store, then you know you need this. Just put all off the bags on the holder, and carry them without getting those ugly and painful marks all over your hands. Hurry up and find this on aliexpress English before you get anymore marks.

  1. Rolling toothpaste squeezer. Under a dollar.

I don’t know about you, but I always get mad when I need to put an effort to squeeze the last remnants of toothpaste from the tube. No need for that anymore, because this gadget can help me a lot.

  1. Pour soup- spout. Under 2 dollars in AliExpress USA.

Don’t spill the soup all around the table, ever again. With this pour soup spout, you can easily pour soup directly into a bowl. So useful and yet so cheap. Under 2 dollars on aliexpress English.

  1. Egg divider. Under a dollar.

Helps you to separate the egg white from yolk, easily. I was having problems with this all the time, but not anymore, with this useful gadget, I will be able to separate it very easily.

  1. Garlic Crusher. Under a dollar.

The Garlic Twist crushes, peels, and minces garlic to perfection. It neatly gathers the garlic, and rinses clean afterwards. It’s easy and fun to use, and a delight to behold. Not only is it easy, it also prevents garlic odor on your fingers. Grinding out of garlic not only taste exquisite, but also significant savings in time. It is environmental-friendly, health and hygiene, bring you clean and healthy life and the best thing is, there is no waste of garlic. You’ll appreciate the garlic twist when you have a lot of garlic to prepare. It creates no waste and cleanup is quick and easy.

  1. Automatic needle threader. Under a dollar.

This mini automatic needle threader is a life saver. It is very easy to use it and it helps you to solve the frustrating needle threading problem. It is suitable for those people who have dim eyesight.

  1. Chopping vegetables armguard. Under a dollar.

If you ever hurt your fingers while chopping the vegetables, this is a perfect gadget for you. Put it easily on your fingers and chop vegetables without a fear of hurting yourself.

  1. Tootpick Flosser. Under a dollar in AliExpress USA.

Two in one. Pick the food remaining from your teeth and then clean them with a flosser. Daily use of it helps you fight bad breath and gingivitis and it helps you reduce plaque build up. It slides easily between teeth and it stimulates gums.

I hope you liked these gadgets that I chose as my top 15 useful gadgets. If you do like them, visit aliexpress USA and order them, the sooner, the better. You will be surprised with their usefulness and you will ask yourself how you lived your life without them.

Shopping online sites you visit will automatically recommend you some other gadgets. Hope you’ll love them.

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