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What’s Popular in Courses on the 360Training Website?


Popularity can be defined as something that attracts people or get people to like it. There’s always something that is popular wherever you go, be it a person or a product that you are eager to buy. Popularity is a way of defining what you might like seeing from how many people are buying it. Popularity is often used as a mechanism to see if people can like it and it isn’t only the first look that determines it. There are other factors in play that show us if that the investment that goes into using the product is wasted or not.

Today, we’ll be talking about the popular topics from the online education site known as 360training. As one of the online education sites, the site offers a wide range of courses and in well known in that circle. It has good website along with other facilities that make it easier for people to learn through their courses. The site is advanced and even shows us the list of the courses that are available for each of their different industries. The courses offered are of the varied course and doesn’t have any restrictions on them.

What are the popular courses?

Out of the several thousand courses offered by the website, the following are shown to be the most popular ones. They are OSHA Outreach 10 & 30 Hour, HAZWOPER Training, Alcohol & Food Safety Courses, ISO Courses, Real Estate Courses. These courses are taken from their different disciplines and have been shown to be attractive to the public as a whole.

Other than that, the site is pretty generalized and does help make things easier for the students through offering 24/7 customer support and help in getting their certificates printed. Everything look legitimate and there doesn’t seem to be any other problems that come to mine.

Comparing popularity with others

There are always popular courses present in all websites. Take coursera or edx for example, they have a list of very popular courses that are taken by their designated teachers. In coursera, everything goes along with the time and there is no way for you to retake the course without having to go through all that time once more and that too when the teacher will take the course.

The good thing about 360training is that there are no limitations and you can take the course as long as you need help to understand it completely. They are considerate enough to your limitations. Coursera and edx has a limited amount of courses which 360training does not have. 360training may not follow the traditional disciplines but they are still very extensive at covering all the bases. So for this, they seem to be in the lead.

What does it give us?

  • Freedom to finish it in a short span of time
  • Easy enough to follow
  • Invaluable experience relating to real life problems.
  • Easy access to customer support who are available all the time.
  • Access to instructors who can help you when needed.
  • A legitimate certificate to prove that you have completed the course.

Are the popular courses good?

The first pro for taking one of the popular course, or any course from 360training in general, is that the no two courses are the same. The courses are all related to small subjects that make up the entire industry. One of the popular courses happens to real estate courses. Real estate in the real life is a very important vocation and generally you don’t get to study that specific subject in any college. Here’s they have hundreds of courses available for people that can help you learn more than just the theory.

Having easy access to your instructors is a big bonus. Instructors can help you understand your material thus eliminating any confusions you might have. Quizzes are taken regularly to make sure that the material is understood and help is also given when needed. Another thing that is also useful is the site FAQ which can help when instructors are not available.

The popular courses are a testament to how important this course may be for everyone and seeing as one of the course is of OSHA which is well known in the field of environmental science, it’s pretty useful.

Is popularity everything?

Seeing as you have to pay for the courses is definitely something that’s a bit of a con. If by chance you cannot pass the course in the first try, it’s going to work against you in the long run. But we cannot hold it against the site as the money taken is needed for the maintenance of the site and to pay the instructors who are taking the course.

Another con may be that paying brings about the difficulty of retaking the course as this means you have to pay once more. This can work another way as well as this ensures that you are trying your best to work hard the first time around. So the cons aren’t really cons in the end.

A step forward

It might seem basic to go forward with the popular ones but in the end, they are the ones that will give you knowledge that you can use in the real world. This will help you succeed. Yes, that is a bit of a stretch but it’s no small fry. Even if they are expensive, they are not so expensive that you cannot afford it. You can easily do the course offered online twice for the price that is offered at any institution for it. So it is better to give it a chance. Besides the issue of price, from the reviews that are given by the people taking the course, it is evident that the language used in the course is easy and it isn’t so hard to pass it in one try. After all, it’s the knowledge and expertise that really wins in the end. Money pales in comparison to that. 360training is trying it’s best to show us that they are worth it and so we should give it that chance.

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