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Studying in Real Time: Live Sessions Offered by 360Training


Things are always best seen live.

Isn’t that why we pay so much to watch our favorite concerts? That has always been the fundamental approach for learning, we needed to see someone and hear them speak about it to register the information. Live sessions are an important part of teaching and communication as a whole. It is one of the cheapest and useful ways to study. This is why we take the time and effort to go to educational institutions but what if you can get that same facility at home?

Online education may seem flimsy at first but its advancement is extraordinary. As the usage of the internet became more mainstream, we have come to appreciate just how much it can teach us. One educational site, 360training has the facility of providing live sessions for people so that they can learn more efficiently. This is certainly something new and now we are going explore just how convenient or easy it is for everyone to use.

How does 360Training work?

In hindsight, there isn’t a lot to explain here.

360training itself is an educational site that provides a variety of courses for its audience. For each of their industries (which is to say the different courses that they offer), they offer instructors the chance to teach their students live. This feature also goes hand in hand with their authoring program which gives people the chance to make their own course and teach people through the site. First, you provide your course details, they market the courses for you and finally registration of the new students happen.

This isn’t something that is done for free, a certain commission is also given to the person for taking the time to issue a live session. Besides that, the live session is one of their biggest features.

Is 360Training better than other places?

Usually other sites do not give the teachers the opportunity to hold them. There are video lectures and course notes but the chance to hold a session is usually unknown or unheard of. 360training has held themselves apart from other sites for this innovative idea.

Live sessions in other sites usually entail having to organize everything on their own without much support from the site themselves as courses are thought of to be independent from the site itself but 360training has taken itself a step forward to show that it will be backing any potential tutors so that they can showcase their own potential.

What does it give us?

  • chance to be partners with 360training
  • chance to make your own courses
  • flexibility as to when you launch your live session
  • the chance to be promoted through the site
  • the classes are almost always full and so there are no empty spots.
  • takes little time to set up.

How is 360Training good for us?

Going hand in hand with the features, the first perk is that you have a partner. 360training is a big site and they have the full capacity of advertising for your courses and making sure that you get your classes full. Like any university during admission period, you’ll have all the support that you need to get your students.

Also you have the freedom to organize your courses as you want to. You can focus on any aspect or choose any industry to focus on. The course is your easel and you can paint what you want to. As you have the flexibility, you can hold repeated sessions on one day or over the course of the week. This is something that you usually don’t get the opportunity to do.

Other than advertising, they’ll also provide the tools that you need to get your course done. They’ll be giving you the tools and even advice on how you can make the course a success. You do need to have a detailed knowledge of how you want your course to go but that’s a small price to pay as a whole.

There’s also the revenue. Hosting live sessions through the site or any company affiliated with the site will give you the chance to earn upto 70% of revenue from the people paying for the course. Seeing as they have the guarantee of full classrooms, the revenue will keep piling up and help the tutor make nice income through these online sessions.

They are also very convenient as you only need to have a laptop and an active internet session. You can take your work anywhere through this method.

How can 360Training be bad?

A con that may present itself in the whole process is the event that the site might go down. This will hamper the whole process and bring about dissatisfaction from the students. The blame might go onto the tutors but the chance of that happening is little to none as 360training has a splendid customer support system and they take great lengths to make sure that nothing out of the ordinary can happen.

Another con is the percentage of revenue. While it has been said that they can earn upto 70% of revenue, this can only happen if you have the number of courses that you can take live sessions for. It’s not that much of an issue as a single class can hold so many students. So it’s not a bad deal in the end.

Going forward with it

In the long term, this is a good thing to do.

As a part time job or even as a vocation, you’ll have a stream of revenue for as many classes as you take. Another perk is that the courses are relatively short so you won’t be without work for too long. Seeing as the pros outweigh the cons by a big deal, this is something that is worth it. Not all jobs on the internet are certified to be safe but 360training has tried their best to make sure that all of their job offers are safe and beneficial for everyone else.

There’s no limit as to how long you have to hold the live sessions, it can be for an hour or less but seeing the positive reviews of the people, it’s worth a try.

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