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In the new generation, the use of the internet is almost revolutionary.

We use the internet for everything, from studies to use of social media. But there has always been a clean distinction between what was present in real life and not the internet. But with passing time, the lines have blurred and several sites have popped up, claiming to give us education. In a way, education online reaches a greater audience and helps many people achieve things that may not be possible in their current state.

While that in itself is something of convenience for people who have the access to free internet, we also have to think about the benefits we might get from free courses on the internet and how it can amount up to courses that we get in the real world.

What we get

360training.com offers different courses.

The courses range from business ethics to steam production. It’s varied and it isn’t localized to only area of expertise. The courses itself are also very popular for the public as evidenced by the amount of people that enroll in the course. The courses are also in university-style which is to say that they are numbered as courses would be in a university.

The courses are also divided by difficulty with most courses being of the beginner level rather than the intermediate level.

Overall, it is organized perfectly.

How it compares to others

As mentioned above, there are a number of sites which offer free courses for everyone.

For the sake of comparison, I’ll be using coursera and edx. These two are well known for offering courses that boast to be provided by well-known universities such as Harvard and Berkeley. While it’s true that many of their lectures are taken by lecturers who work at said universities, they do not leave the room for any other lecturers who may have the knowledge but not the certification that they work in a top class university.

360training gives other people the chance to teach and while they may not have the certification that coursera or edx has, they are all professionals. The amount of courses in 360training are less compared to the other two but that might be as they do not have the backing of other universities behind them. The site is independent and does require funding to keep it fully operational.

What can we get?

These include,

  • More than 30 courses.
  • Professionals in charge of them.
  • the ability to take courses repeatedly.
  • Uncomplicated system of doing the course.

What’s in it for us?

The first pro of course is that it’s free.

These are not simple courses. They may be free but they are on subjects that are directly related to one’s area of expertise. For example, one course teaches the student about how to use boilers. This is an important thing to know for safety. Boiler accidents are quite common in the industrial sector so getting that information free of the internet can contribute to lessening accidents.

Another pro is that the reviews are great.

People who have taken the course from 360training have repeatedly said that the courses are easy and the teachers are great. They have finished the courses with distinction and the popularity of the courses only serve to show how well received it is among the general public.

The grading of the courses are also done fairly. It is a simple matter of studying hard and passing to exam to get that certification of having passed with flying colors. And even if you don’t get it done in the first go, you can always retake it until you can achieve a better result. There are no limitations to how many times you can take this course.

All in all, there are quite a few pros to taking them.

Can 360Training be bad?

There’s always a flipside to a coin.

The con that comes to mind is the limitation. Yes, the courses from 360training are varied and yes they are not simple but learning only one aspect of a whole topic doesn’t usually help much. Using the example that I have used in the pros, learning about boilers can reduce accidents but the knowledge is useless unless you have knowledge of the industrial sector. If you are say, someone who doesn’t know much about the sector and have stumbled upon this course, it may not be as useful and might require you to go back and learn more for it.

Another con is that there are few number of free courses in 360training.

There aren’t as much as there should be. The restriction is present and it may drive people away to go search for other places that have more free courses.

Giving it a chance

Regardless of the cons, it is still a good deal.

The courses are informative and well worth the time and if you are getting it for free then you should not let the opportunity pass you by. Spending a few hours on studying at home without having to pay money for it helps pass time and gives you the knowledge that you need.

For a common person who may not have the chance to go to university, these courses give that person the chance to study. Though the amount of courses restrict the person, knowledge is still power and there’s plenty to be gained from it.

This can be very useful for students who study in universities as it can help clarify details that they might not understand through courses in the university. Instead of spending more money to retake that course, they can use the internet to understand it better.

In the present world, things are always separated into two factions. Whether it’ll be useful for you or whether it’ll be a waste of time. Time, itself, has become precious and we cannot afford to waste even a minute. In such a high paced world, getting good deals have become a must and 360training does offer a well-rounded one.

So if you can, give it a chance and see whether it suits your present needs.

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