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Is Learning Online From 360Training the Future Method to Educate Ourselves?


The introduction of the internet has given us advancements in all aspects of normal life. Things that may have been hard a couple of years ago are now easily accessible through a few strokes of the keyboard keys. Despite that there has always been a fine line in education. Education was believed to be something that you could finish in real life through educational institutions but as the wonders of the internet spread, sites catering to education popped.

No, these aren’t sites which have information but rather places that can give you education that is equivalent to the education you can receive at a university. For this article, we’ll be focusing on a certain site that offers this service and the name of this site is 360training.com. 360training is an online site that was made active in 2002 and has a number of online courses on its site that work to help people learn more.

What it shows us

There are more than 2000 courses offered by the site and they are divided amongst seven disciplines. They are Environmental health and safety, real estate education, food and beverage programs, career training, IT and software skills, insurance education and HR, Ethics and Compliance. These are the main ones, there are more sub divisions but to not confuse anyone, we’ll be going with these seven.

There is a great deal of importance given towards the IT section as it has the largest number of courses available and is very extensive.

The prices of the courses vary. There are courses available for 10 dollars while some may go as high as over 300 dollars. There is a very straight laced method of passing the course which is paying attention to the lectures and passing the course through a quiz where you have to score over seventy percent.

All in all, it seems rather standard as sites go.

Seeing it against a background of other sites

Most courses online are given by already pre-existing universities. In that aspect, 360training stands out starkly for their courses as they are not backed by universities and are rather seen as being useful for people pursuing independent studies or are from corporations to touch up on some of their knowledge. It lacks the certification but makes up for it through its extensive courses designed to help everyone.

As stated by the site, they aim to bring knowledge to everyone and so provide equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of any external factors. Other sites are usually restricted by how much information universities are inclined to upload. Usually there is a limitation for that as the site is only an extension for universities and not a vocation like it is for 360training.

Another thing that might work against it is that most of their courses can only be done if they are paid for it. As 360training is an independent site, they require funding and so you are required to pay. The site gives everyone the opportunity to teach and isn’t very picky towards educators.

What does it give us?

  • It is convenient.
  • Offers varied courses.
  • Simple to use and navigate.
  • Courses are completed in record time.

Can it give us what it can give us in real life?

Right off the bat, we can talk about its convenience. All you need is your laptop and the payment and you can study at home without having to go through the hassles of having to buy books, pens or any other equipment.

It can be pricey but when compared to institutions where you have to pay monthly fees which can sometimes be outrageous, it’s cheap so you are saving money as well. 360training also aims to be as helpful as possible and they don’t make the courses outrageously hard. It all depends on how hard the student tries.

Also it caters internationally so there’s no restriction in terms of students. Anywhere around the world with an internet connection can study these courses.

There is also the case that they teach things that you may traditionally not find in real life institutes such as how to handle food safely depending on temperatures and how to improve customer service. These experiences while invaluable does help avoid uncomfortable situations.

Is real life the way to go?

There can be the issue of certification.

Recognition is always important in matters like education and some places may not recognize them but certification isn’t that important. What matters is how much you learn from the experience. There is also the fact that your course can be hampered due to poor Internet networks so that is something to look out for.

Granted, it does not give you the experience that a traditional institute might give you but otherwise, it’s not that big of a factor. You do avoid a lot of problems through the easier route of taking one of their courses.

360training doesn’t have much cons to begin with.

It might not be such a bad idea

There are many rumors that education gotten online doesn’t mean much in the real world but that isn’t completely true. 360training has many certifications from companies that have directly used their services to help their workers work efficiently. This is also a chance for students to gain knowledge that they may not get in their institutions. 360training is an updated site and it keeps up with recent studies, it allows people to be flexible and juggle other activities while doing this course.

The reviews for all the courses are great and people have stated repeatedly that this has helped them learn something new. Even the small courses are useful in the whole picture.  People’s reviews are taken heavily into consideration and courses are shaped to be convenient for the public which works for the betterment of the experience. You are also getting more by spending less time.

In conclusion, this is a better deal that you could have thought. Throwing away the old superstitions, it’s time to move forward and embrace the changes by using this online site. It may not be the same as an educational institution but it’s the knowledge that matters and they provide it.

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