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Getting the Support We Need from 360Training


Online support is a major issue for online sites. Unlike the real world, there is no way we can pick up a cell and call customer service so there is usually a lot off importance placed on support that is needed for heavy traffic on any site. If say, the site is one of an education site then we need it even more.

We all know the importance that is placed on the support in any institution and so we expect the same if we are studying online. There are some sites that have excellent support services that make it advantageous for us to use the facilities that they offer as a site.

The focus of this article will be the support system of 360training which is an online site that offers a variety of courses. Their main aim is to spread knowledge through their courses and while most of their courses require you to pay for them, it’s usually a good deal.

The whole picture

Reportedly having catered to more than 900000 students, their customer service has been divided into four categories.

They have a FAQ section where you can search for any answers to any question you have. Then there is the ticket system where you post questions to be answered by the staff and the customer service. They also have the live chat system which is active 24/7 and finally they provide a number to which you can call if you have any queries.

It’s a rather simple system but the effectiveness of which has yet to be determined.

 A comparison with others

As support systems go, this is pretty standard.

Though if we are comparing 360training to other sites, most sites usually have one or two services. It’s usually having a FAQ system or posting a ticket and waiting for it to be answered by someone from support. In that aspect, it has tried it’s best to be attainable by the general public. There is also a method shown on how you can ask for help which is not usually shown in other sites.

Features of their support

  • Quick responses
  • Easy to use
  • There are alternatives in case one fails.
  • 24/7 chat system
  • helps with troubleshooting, password change and many other problems.
  • there is also a helpful list of outlets around the world in case you would like to take it off the internet.
  • Surveys that help understand if there is any dissatisfaction with any process.

What can we get from them?

As the support system is 24/7, you can get answers quite easily. The answers are usually sent over as soon as possible and it doesn’t take that long for you to get the answer to your problem. 360training has said that they try hard to make sure that their customer support is the best and it shows through the responses and reviews given by the consumers.

This support system allows the students to get in touch from problem varying from needing their certificates to needing to talk to their instructors about their courses. The customer support system gives them the access to that.

They also help applying to a course when the consumer is having problems doing so. They outline the steps and make sure that the consumer gets their desired courses. As the customer support is online, the distance is shortened and it’s easier for the consumers to get their answers.

In the 360training FAQ, the answers to many underlying questions are present such as how to get their certificates or the specifications needed for them to properly hear lectures. They also help with payment issues and how to unlock courses. It doesn’t take them long to answer tickets either, ranging from 3 to 5 hours at most.

Is it all good for us?

The biggest drawback to the entire system being online is that it’s hard to get any answer if the site stops functioning. This happens often in case of sites due to increase of traffic and in cases such as those 360training courses become hard to attain. They have provided another alternative for that which is a phone number but for a site that caters internationally, calling them is near impossible and very expensive.

Sometimes the details online are not enough to navigate around the site. Yes, the FAQ system does help but not everyone is the same and it may be hard for them to understand. But as the site itself provides instructions, this is a relatively minor issue.

Making it work

A customer support system is the backbone of an online site, it cannot be perfect. Circumstances are always different and you can’t hope for it to work all the same. In issues like that, we can hope for things that are near perfect and 360training does provide that. They do help with getting the best customer service and have gone far enough to make sure that people have alternatives as well.

The reviews for customer services have been near perfect which shows that people are getting the help that they need. As the main objective of the site is to provide education, they make sure that their customer service is equipped for it. 360training offers a wide range of courses that are useful for people all around the world. Seeing as their customer service is near perfect, their courses are sure to have the same level of quality.

The site has been very active in clearing up problems that may or may not be related to their customer service. Questions range from certifications to instructions and all are answered in a clear and concise manner. The site aims to expand and it is evidence through their numerous outlets and desire to further their reach throughout the world. They have reportedly reached over 17 countries and have expanded their customer service so that they are able to cater to different people of different backgrounds. That is a great vocation to have and spending money on their courses is not a wasted investment. So give 360training a shot and see if it suits your expectations.

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