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Gaining a Partner in the Form of 360Training


In business terms, partnerships are a way of increasing your exposure and expanding your business. Partners help you share the cost of running a business and when you make a name for yourself, the division of profits are always equally divided. In case of starting a business from scratch, getting a worthy partner is a matter of luck and hardship.

But when you are getting the chance of getting a well-established partner from the start, it’s a boost for yourself and your business. Starting a business in the real world is hard enough for some people but the internet has provided ways for everyone to get their chance at making a name for themselves. Usually the mainstream of business is selling things but there is another way of doing so and it has been brought to us by an education site by the name of 360training which has introduced a program that can be used by itself to promote its site and help other advance their traffic as well.

The site aims to teach others in the form of well-organized courses that are divided and organized through specialty. There are more than a thousand courses in the site and the site is known for its service.

How do you become a partner?

There are two ways that someone can become a partner of the 360training site.

One is their affiliate system and the other is their work from home system which aims to let people, yes you guessed it, work from home. The first system is for blogs and such, using them to advertise for the 360training courses while the second one is for people at home who want to become financially independent.

In both cases, you work with the site to organize everything and get your work set up in a matter of minutes.

How is 360Training different?

Most educational sites such as coursera or edx concentrate on their studying aspect. As they are already partners with well-known universities they don’t try to make any more partners. Most of their educational lectures and courses are done by professionals who work in said universities. They do not leave the opportunity open for teaching but there is a chance that you can get a job in maintaining sites.

360training has several programs that helps make money at home, with their authoring programs, business partnerships etc. As we are talking about the business partnerships, they make sure to offer any facility that is at their disposal.

What is already present in the partnership?

  • Freedom to do what you want
  • Easy income
  • Doesn’t require time
  • Advertising is done by 360training
  • All support is given by 360training

What is my benefit of being a partner?

As said above, support is always needed when you are trying to launch your own business and this site makes sure that there are no strings attached to it. They will give you the support when needed and when you are established enough, they also provide a decent sharing of the revenue.

The revenue isn’t a small amount either. You are paid at least 65 dollars for your trouble and your courses are also advertised to the full capacity. You are put under the care of professionals are you grow your business and they will not try to cheat you. There is no way that this system is not legal. In case of affiliates, you are allowed to contact any of their partners in case you have any problems with the whole procedure. There are no fees required for the affiliate system and you get free coupons as well.

Also for the affiliate system, you do not necessarily have to be a part of 360training to apply for it. If you are a part of any of their partners and have an existing web site or blog you can set everything up. This is, in a way, like google ads which pays you for the number of ads that you place on your website except its less complicated and more user friendly.

In case of making a business, you can choose the theme and when to set it up so all in all, you can get a good deal.

What can be my downfall?

In the affiliate system, there isn’t much room for cons. It is a straight-laced business deal and the one disadvantage that might show itself is that you are paid only 15 percent at the beginning but it is known to increase as time goes by. To get the amount of money to increase, you need to increase your association with the 360training site.  And as there are no fees, it all works out in the end.

For the partnership, you have to pay a fixed fee for everything to be set up. It isn’t outrageous and it isn’t that bad, seeing as they are going to give you the support that you need. So there aren’t that many cons that present themselves.

Going forward with it

The pros outweigh the cons in the end.

There are always flipsides to a coin and in this case, the flipside is that the reviews for the process is overwhelmingly positive. The support is great and so is the revenue. For students looking to work part time or dream of opening a business, this is perfect. It is also perfect for people who are looking to become financially independent. You don’t necessarily have only these two options to work through, they do have other programs but that’s an article for another day. The main focus of our article has been the usefulness of this program and we can see that it works with the thoughts of people in mind rather than only profit.

Why else would they give so many features for the people?

And this isn’t an upstart site that might go away any day. 360training is almost a veteran in the world of online education having been established in 2002 and working successfully so far. As this is not comprised of education sites, it shows its open-mindedness to work with everywhere who has a vision for their future.

And so, if you have a vision of you own, use this site to achieve it.

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