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Teaching is considered a noble profession and it shows through the amount of respect that the vocation gets from everyone. Teachers are respected and usually it isn’t hard to get the opportunity to teach. The dynamic has changed now and in the real world, it is hard to get the opportunity to teach because of the competition. It is a blow to people who have always aspired to teach but another way has come about that can help them achieve their dreams and that is the chance to teach thousands online.

This facility was introduced in recent years as the use of the internet became available to everyone. Through sites online, it is possible for people to teach people but in the case of 360training, it is possible to do something more than that. 360training is an online site that aims to teach people through their extensive number of courses and facilities that are available for everyone. They have courses from many topics, offering variety for everyone for whatever subject that they want to learn. Among the online sites, it is one of the well-known ones and has traffic of more than 900000 people.

What do we understand by this?

The authoring program was created by the site to give back to the people by letting them fulfill their dreams of teaching. You are able to make your choose your own specialty and make a course out of it, teaching everyone as part of 360training’s offered courses. There are no limits to how many courses you can take, as long as you take the pressure of doing so.

The program is not limited to being sold on the 360training website, you can take it into your own online site and sell it as long as you are affiliated it. So, all in all, it seems like an easy way to make money if you have the drive to do so.

360training vs other sites

Other online sites do give you the chance to make your own courses and teach. It is a standard practice among online education systems as teachers are always needed to cater to all the students. They all try their best to make sure that the public are being taught but usually, there is a limit to the courses which is not present in 360training.

They do give the author the chance to mold the course as they want it to be so that’s already a plus for them. In case of other sites, they usually focus on one discipline and leave everything to the author, including organizing and what not. 360training offers them all the help and support they need, as well as the publicity they need to make it a success.

In those aspects, they has already made themselves stand up.

A look into what we can get

  1. Freedom to do what you want
  2. Support from 360training
  3. Freedom to distribute your products to any other store front you may have.
  4. Help in making your course.
  5. You can see user reviews to help you improve your course.
  6. Using it is relatively easy.

The benefits one might get in using this service

Seeing as the site is easy to use, that’s already a plus. It’s relatively easy to navigate around the site and you have the leisure of making your courses detailed and organizing them to your convenience. This is an important fact in our high paced world.

This can also work as a part time job for people who are already teaching in the real world and are in need of some extra money. It works well for them.

As mentioned before, you have the support of the staff in making your course and this goes from online tools to customer support. They are always ready to help you and this includes advertising and helping you sell your courses.

It is very easy to get started and if you have the time to organize them, you can get started on it as fast the same day!

The downfalls (But not too severe!)

As cons go, there aren’t many that really come to mind.

The site is providing a lot of the support but yes, one con that comes to mind is the division of profits. For classroom courses, 50% revenue is offered to the author and 30% for on demand courses which doesn’t seem like much but if you think about it, it’s a lot.

As you are getting the help of the 360training support for everything that is, in making the course, advertising, selling and getting reviews, it’s a good deal as you are saving the money that might have gone into those options. Other sites usually end up asking you to make the investment for it so this con isn’t that much of a con in the end.

The workload may also get bigger but that depends on you at the end of the day.

Giving it a chance

After outlining all of the pros and the cons, it seems that there is only one way to go.

The pros heavily outweighs the cons and for a part time job, this is a good opportunity. For people who are at the end of their educational career and are looking for a quieter source of income, this is perfect for them. Another thing that is useful for everyone is that you can teach courses that are things that are related to real life experiences rather than what fits the traditional backbone of what education is supposed to be.  Also seeing as there are no limitations, this is definitely the way to go.

In conclusion, using this feature in the 360training website will only help you in the end. There are decidedly very low risks and you get a lot more in return. This helps enhance your experience in teaching and putting it into good use. Yes, it can also help the numerous people that are having problems getting jobs and the thing you get back is more rewarding than just money. Having an international audience to whom you can teach is sure to be something that will be successful!

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