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How Udemy Courses changed my entire professional life is quite interesting. When I first started to think about starting my own business, I thought that everything was going to be easy. I had some funds, support from my family and friends, a good idea on what I wanted to achieve and what I thought it was a good knowledge on business and entrepreneurship. Only a few weeks passed before I realized that things were not as easy as I thought and my knowledge in the area was not enough by far.

When I Needed Some Help

Every time I tried to negotiate a business or a deal with someone, I ended up losing something. Somehow, the people I was working with could figure out that I am not sure on what I say or that I have hesitations regarding a certain issue. After I analyzed what I was doing wrong, I realized that my body language was revealing everything I was hiding, so I decided to take some courses to solve this problem.

As you can imagine, I didn’t have time to go to courses every day or to attend seminars outside my working place. The only comfortable solution seemed to be to take online courses, and that is how I found Udemy Courses. With so many similar websites available, I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced in beginning but soon enough I realized that I made the best choice.

Why I Chose Body Language for Entrepreneurs from Udemy Courses?

The course I chose was Body Language for Entrepreneurs and in 5.5 hours I was supposed to take 30 lectures. It seemed impossible to learn everything in such a short time and only by watching the screen on the monitor. Little did I know that this course would change the way I deal with my business partners forever.

To begin with, I learned what are the things that I shouldn’t do and to my surprise, I was doing most of them. I was holding my hands in the wrong way while I was negotiating, I was moving my legs under the table when I really wanted to make the deal and even the hand shake from the beginning of the conversation was showing that I am insecure. I would have never imagined how easy I was to read by someone who knew one thing or two about body language. Later on, as I developed my knowledge in this area, I started to notice that you can easily know what people feel by the way they hold their body.

Taking Udemy Courses Lectures and Doing Exercises

In the next lectures, I started to learn how I can send a message without actually doing it. For example, there are times when I am not satisfied with the amount I should receive and if I tell this to my business partner, they will find a way to convince me to accept. On the other hand, If I make them notice that I am not satisfied and not willing to change my opinion for anything, they will be willing to negotiate with me until we both reach a comfortable point.

As the course recommended, I went outside to practice my new skills with people I knew. None of them could tell that I know some new tricks, but it was indeed much easier for me to understand exactly what they want to say. Even more than this, I could easily convince them to believe in what I said even when I knew it was untrue; of course, I told them the truth in the end and why I was doing this, but it was a very interesting experience for me.

To my surprise, the course also thought me what to do in those social situations that we all dislike. How can you talk to a foreign investitor when you know nothing about their country and they seem completely uncomfortable to talk to you? Well, I found out during the course that people tend to let their guard down when you have something in common with them, so I was searching for common topics to share.

The easiest one is obviously the food or the weather; all of us can discuss one or two things related to these topics. After that, I would move to something more close to what I cared about: my business. By making small gestures with my hands and by keeping my body in a certain position I can show to my business partners that I am honest in what I say and that I trust them to know more than a few details about my activity. Most of the time, this makes them open up and tell me about their future business plans and how they can include my company. It sounds incredible, but it’s true!

If you are wondering how easy it was for me to take an online course, I can tell you this:  I didn’t feel it as study or work, I felt like I was watching an interesting movie. The authors of Udemy courses know how to make you feel interested in what they teach, and they have techniques that will help you remember what you learned during the course. I can re-take the course whenever I want if I feel I need more knowledge about the area, but I am already pretty confident in what I do.

What I Experienced from Udemy Courses:

My experience with Udemy courses is the proof that you can actually learn something on the Internet and it does not have to be incredibly time consuming, expensive or difficult. I had the luck to pay a small amount for the course as it was a discount when I bought it, but either way it would be worth every penny. Now I can proudly say that my business meetings are way more successful and I am way more confident when it comes to negotiating a deal or making a presentation.

I am already planning to take more Udemy Courses, as my company will become bigger and bigger; for me, it is clearly the best learning platform on the Internet and I will take advantage of all its resources.


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