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Written by Percy Legrand

When the time comes that you are ready to start your own website, the first thing you need to do is register domain name under your name. This is the fun part, when you get to decide what the name will be that everyone will recognize you as. Think about it for a second as this is something you won’t want to have to go back and change. After you have decided on what the purpose of your website is, and the brand that you want to develop, you can take your name to the next stage where you get to find out if the domain name you like is available. You need a register domain name company that is going to help you claim that name and there is no reason to shell out a lot of money to do so.

Why Register Domain Name with

For cheap domain registration, you will find that the best domain registrar companies are the ones that allow you to simply let you select the option to have only domain name register. You will also find that many sites, such as and, provide similar services as but you also must pay more for many of their premium services. Just because one of them may be more popular than another doesn’t necessarily make it better. can provide you a lot more than simple registration, just like the other sites, you get plenty of website building tools.

The main difference that you are going to be facing on which site you choose all should do with the fine lines. When you start looking at what you are getting for your dollar you need to compare the specific plans that you are looking for. In many cases, the more expensive plans from other sites are simply higher because you are paying for a brand, and the brand isn’t yours. Save your money for developing your own brand and go with a cheap domain registration that also provides you the ability to build a website around that domain. Many of the sites, included, make this an easy process for anybody regardless of their experience building websites.

Playing with the Pros

One of the top benefits you get when you register domain name with is their ability to help you build your website. Along with having the option of doing a DIY website, you can also choose to have do it for you. To be one of the best domain registrar companies out there you must offer this sort of service, but you also should do it well. takes the time to listen to what you want from your website and will work diligently to build that image for you.

Added Perks You Get when You Register Domain Name also will run routine monthly updates on your website to make sure that you are continually keeping up with any changes that need to be made. They even take the time to call you so that you can have a conversation with a real person that just so happens to be a Web expert, trained and ready to serve you. That is service. That is also what makes one of the best domain registrar providers that you will encounter.

The Downside?

When it comes to registration sites, and choosing the right one for you, there isn’t much that could be considered a downside. The biggest pitfall in, or and of the best domain registrar providers out there, is that you must figure out how much time you are willing to spend on your site. Or at least, you must anticipate it. For some people, the thought of building their own website is fun and something that they enjoy doing. For others, the mere thought of having to toil away for hours fine-tuning different aspects of their website is a daunting task. provides the range of services that would allow you to either. The choice is yours, and that right there may be the only downfall. The truth is it just depends on what you are using your website for.

Many people prefer to let the experts handle building their website. If you are building an eCommerce site, then odds are you would much rather be dedicating your time to your product instead of working on building a website. There are only so many hours in the day, so the choice is yours on how you are going to spend them. The good news is that sites like give you an entire assortment of options while still maintaining a reputation as one of the best names in registration along with providing cheap domain registration.

The Right Option for You?

Deciding which provider, you go with is sort of a big deal considering that you are essentially, hopefully at least, building a long-term relationship with them. You want a company that you are going to be able to keep your domain name with, along with your website, for many years to come. is a company that is built on helping you become as successful as you can online while still providing cheap domain registration, many time for free with different packages that they offer.

The Web services and technical support that they are offer are completely down-to-Earth, no-nonsense assistance. Customer service may not seem like it makes the top of the stack when it comes to helping you decide on a register domain name company. Customer service goes well beyond how well you are treated on the phone. You can sense it in every feature that provides. From professionally designed website templates to Google monthly marketing and more, every aspect of is drenched in customer awareness. You can’t go wrong with that.

Well Worth Every Penny is one of the best domain registrar providers simply because they are focused more on providing their customers the best service in terms of website design, eCommerce support, mobile tracking, customer service and much more. While you may be able to find similar services elsewhere, you need to ask yourself what exactly you are paying for.

Some companies have spent so much of their money on marketing that you would think they are the only name in cheap domain registration but that simply isn’t the case. When it comes time for you to register domain name, options and extra features of the company you chose, along with price, should be at the top of your list for why you chose to go with a company. is worth more than just a casual glance while you are comparative shopping, they are worth coming back to and signing up immediately.

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