A Sincere Confession; GoDaddy Does it All
Written by Percy Legrand

I had not heard of in my life until the day when I wanted to have my website. I needed a quality website at a low price. Thinking of website builders was like a dream to me since I had not heard of any. To get it right, I had to consult a few friends who had a bit of experience on issues to do with domain and website holding. I think I had been very ignorant in my life about website related issues. I can’t deny that I was a true lover of websites. Yes, indeed I loved reading and websites, and blogs provided a good platform where I could read varied stuff. When I talked to one of my friends I heard mysterious terms such as, domain registration, domain name search, and domain ownership. These were jargons to me. I never knew that these would be my daily vocabularies in future.

One of my friends talked to me about GoDaddy. I didn’t at first understand what “daddy” issues had to do with website hosting and building. I later found out how naïve I had been for not knowing that would later turn out to be my solution as far as website building is concerned. Before I could even capture the whole concept of web hosting, my friend advised me to visit  and see for myself about the whole thing.

What about

I googled some few stuff about GoDaddy and I was surprised to find that this was a global trademark. After checking some few GoDaddy reviews, I couldn’t believe the positive things that the users had said about the internationally known web hosters. To me, this was quite fantastic. I thought to myself that all my problems were now completely sorted.

To confirm if this was the best website builder that could work for me, I had to check a few things about them. To be honest, I didn’t trust the friend who referred me to it. Over the past years, I have had a strong phobia of all people who had extensive skills in IT-related matters. Most of them refer you to their friends so that they can have a share of what you pay for the services. May God forgive me, but I had to be extra cautious. In my mind, I wanted a domain registration and overall website hosting that would be within my budget. I visited to clarify a few issues that would meet my specifications. Pricing

GoDaddy web hosting company caught my eyes with their pricing plans. It’s always good, to be honest with oneself. Honestly speaking, I am not that rich, and neither am I that poor either. In school, some of my colleague students thought that I was stingy. It is good to clarify that I am not stingy, but I am always sensitive as far as money issues are concerned. Visiting GoDaddy website was one way of satisfying this personality of getting the best at a reasonable cost. At this point, I don’t want to say that GoDaddy pricing is very low. To me, their pricing is reasonable. Just the way I wanted it.

However, it’s worth noting that their pricing goes hand-in-hand with three distinct packaging. They have three packages namely, business, personal and business plus. With all that I have said about myself, you can guess the package that pleased my eyes. Being a simple citizen that I am, GoDaddy’s personal package was my thing. Yes, though I never told anybody, I had already completed the website building, hosting, and registration mentally. If you are rich and you require a sophisticated business website, then business and business plus packages can work well for you. In any way, all of us cannot be equal.

Design of website

Does GoDaddy have unique designs? I asked myself. I think so far there is something that I have not told you; that is I believe in elegant and excellent designs. I am neither a perfectionist nor a capitalist, but I believe in the best. Visiting quenched my thirst on this. Indeed, Godaddy has varied designs for one to choose from. At this moment, my perfectionist attitude worked negatively on me. I think I found so many excellent website designs that I didn’t know which one to choose. However, I had to stick on one after all.


What I liked most about GoDaddy is the uniqueness of their products. Ever thought of buying a shirt just to wear it and find one hundred people on the streets with the same design of your shirt. It feels bad. Everyone likes to be unique. Uniqueness is what impressed me most about GoDaddy website designs, domain names, and registration. After everything had been done, friends started calling me asking about the domain. That is when I realized how unique Godaddy stuff was.


Like I have been saying, I am not that experienced in IT issues, and that is why I am always concerned with simplicity, ease of use. Surprisingly, GoDaddy has this. Their editor is simple, and all the website basics are easy to use. Therefore, despite my illiteracy, I think I could easily navigate across the web design that I got from GoDaddy.


Though mine was a small personal website, I was somehow concerned about storage space and GoDaddy got this too. If I am not wrong, a website’s storage space depends on the package. For a personal website like mine, the storage space is IGB. For business and business plus packages, the storage space is 10 GB and 50 GB respectively.

There I Go!

What else can I say? I got the best and I believe that you can also try to find more about GoDaddy. If it never frustrated me, then, I believe that it won’t frustrate you too. Like I said, I like being honest, and this is my honest confession about GoDaddy. I am sure that you might have a similar confession if you try it.

About the author

Percy Legrand

Percy is a technology author and writes for many websites and blogs. He is interested in rising technology but is more interested in what makes that technology grow.

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