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Written by Percy Legrand is considered one of the best domain registrar companies and it isn’t because they have the most extensive, high-class features and benefits. Instead it’s because they provide cheap domain registration without giving you a bunch of excess product that you don’t need. They do, however, provide you with plenty of options on building your own website or having one built for you, along with a whole slew of customer service help, eCommerce assistance, and social media integration services.

When it comes to finding the perfect place to register domain name, build a website and get your company up and off to a great internet lead, a small business couldn’t go wrong with choosing as their go-to for registration and website assistance.

How Do They Stack Up?

Standing side by side with some of the industry’s best domain registrar companies, such as and, one might be tempted to think that is subpar comparatively. The other sites have made a great deal of strides in the services they provide, but sometimes they are simply more than any small business would ever need. Why pay for something that you don’t need or that isn’t going to help boost your sales.

With you can get plenty of assistance on building your website and learning the ends and outs of online business. Going with a company like for your registration and website design helps you focus more on the product or service that you are providing and less on all the maintenance that goes into running a digital storefront.

Small Business Powerhouse

When it comes to being able to help the small business out the most, takes the lead in the industry. They have been providing service for over 15 years and have continually proven that they are excellent at helping businesses start out in eCommerce with cheap domain registration, expert advice, and the services and features necessary to get your business seen by the most people.

The features that come with the services that provide help put it in the top of the best domain registrar companies out there. One of the best features of is there customer service that is willing to work with small business owners that may be experiencing what it is like to have a digital storefront for the first time.

Some of the Best Domain Registrar

It may seem like a lot of digital lingo that a person unfamiliar with the technological world might not be able to understand when first deciding to build an eCommerce site. makes the transition easy by doing most of the work for you. That leaves you plenty of time to focus on content.

The content that you create can then easily be turned into newsletters and custom customer forms to help you translate those web page visits over into sales. truly feels like a company that wants to see you succeed and you experience this firsthand when you decide to go with them to register domain name and build your website.

Some of the Cons

If you want to weigh out the pros and cons to going with, you will find that one of the biggest cons is that you are going with a site that is geared toward the small business and individual. There’s a pretty high chance that this is exactly the category that you fall into anyhow, so there probably isn’t much that you need to worry about.

Also, some consumers have found that they get the best service through when they have signed up for the premium plan. The premium plan is still at an affordable rate for many small businesses which is how has received such high marks in terms of being the best domain registrar for small businesses.

Perfect for Small Businesses

Unless you are the head of some mega-company then you will find the services and features that provides as perfectly apt and suiting for your needs. The premium package will provide you with just what you need to get your storefront up and running and out there in front of potential customers. The expert help that you receive on building your website and integrating it into social media is truly outstanding.

The expert Web advising that you receive monthly is on a personal level which is something that other hosts just don’t seem to cover in quite the same way. Being a small business in today’s market is more viable than ever. Consumers absolutely thrive on knowing exactly where their products and services come from. What better way to showcase your goods and services then to go with one of the best domain registrar companies for small businesses?

In the End

Getting exactly what you need is what is all about. It may seem like you have the hopes and dreams of having a large company (who doesn’t, right?), but in all reality, you want to stay swimming in the pond that fits your size. is there to help you grow and can handle your needs from a domain and website provider as you and your business continue to evolve and require bigger features.

You may find that you are drawn to go to some of the other best domain registrar companies, but when you get down to looking at exactly what you are paying for you will find that you truly can’t find much out there that is going to give you the same level of cheap domain registration paired with expert website development. is also quite keen at making sure that your content is SEO rich so that search engines such as Google and Yahoo can locate you out there in the sea of businesses that are already in existence. When you are starting your small business, you want to be able to focus as much time and energy on developing a great product or service, and let the experts at web design do the rest.

Of course, if you are the type of person that enjoys having your hands on every project you can easily build and develop your own website using the DIY website plan that offers. The customizable website templates are easy to work with and will make sure that your most relevant information is listed exactly where it needs to be to be seen by search engines.

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