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Written by Percy Legrand

Over the years and around the world, iPage reviews have remained positive and in its in its favor. iPage has been able to maintain its position as one of the leading web hosting and domain registration services. iPage is a multifaceted global web hosting company with a wealth of highly skilled employees and on-demand technology.

The aim of this great company is to generously empower small businesses, either owned by companies or individuals, with a global presence and recognition in order to gain competitiveness and find viable market to supply goods and services. iPage has an unrivaled record of hosting social, non-profit, individual and business sites. iPage hosting is user friendly and delivers top notch technology to drive every business to its highest potential.

iPage Reviews on Web Features

iPage hosting comes with flexible and amazing features built in to create that boost you need in your business. As a startup you need to worry about the best online marketing service for the growth of your business. iPage offers core features like a no-limit disk capacity, accessible bandwidth, infinite MYSQL databases and an unrestricted domain for one year.

Before choosing the right product and being able to generate traffic to your site; you have to also take your time to create an attractive domain that can pull attention and an efficient payout system. iPage features free online stores such as OS commerce, PayPal integration, easy 1-click installer, Zen cart shopping cart and lots more. A host of first class technology such as improved security system, cisco routers, dual data center location, traffic statistics report, 24-hours network supervision, and high capacity balanced servers and generators on standby.

Website Content and Support

When it comes to website content and support, iPage reviews are always highly rated. Web building and design tools are optimized to accommodate varieties and diversities in businesses. These tools include themes and templates, mobile improved site builder, wordpress web installer, simplified setup wizard, content management structures such as Drupal and wordpress. You also get access to blog and photo galleries like Zen photo. Forums like SMF, PHPBB and Gbook are also available.

Marketing your site online usually is a great challenge owing to the thousands of businesses and the level of competition out there. There are innumerable sites promoting the same products and the success of an online business is its ability to stand out from its competitors. This requires highly structured planning with effective marketing strategies that can drive sales. Online guides are available 24 hours a day to assist in technical difficulties and to help generate traffic.

Each website is furnished with a customizable email address, an auto responder for received mails, spam filters with customizable features, virus scan, a POP3/IMAP email account package. The online customer support help centers/ticketing are available 24hours/day to render a breakdown tutorial via phone call or chat.

Competitive Advantage and  iPage Reviews

From iPage web hosting reviews, statistics and ratings on various rating site have implied that iPage has successfully infiltrated the web market and is potentially the most efficient and affordable web hosting service. iPage offers a large shared web hosting package and an efficient virtual private server (VPS). Hosting plans range are 1year, 2years, 3years.

According to iPage reviews, iPage, unlike some of its competitors (Host gator), uses a single shared hosting plan which is Linux-based. This costs $11.95 monthly.

iPage features VPS hosting starting at $24.99 per month. This offer is suitable for high traffic levels or for special compliance requirements that hinders you from using shared servers.

The 3 Linux based server plans are: basic, business and optimum.

  • Basic plan- $24.99 per month, 1GB RAM, 40 GB of storage capacity and 1TB monthly data transfers.
  • Business plan- $59.99 per month, 4GB RAM, 90GB of storage capacity and 3TB monthly data transfer.
  • The optimum plan- $99.99 per month, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage capacity and 4TB of monthly data transfers.

iPage offers competitive wordpress hosting plan which starts at $10.49 monthly for the wordpress starter plan and $12.49 monthly for the wordpress essential plan. The similarities between these two packages are that they both offer unlimited storage, email and monthly data transfers. The essential plan differs with SSD-based storage and improved security/customer services.

E-commerce iPage Reviews

iPage online stores have built- in features with navigational buttons that help smoothen your path as an explorer. The online stores are easy to create and run. The “starter” icon helps you to open up a shopping site while the “manage my store” button helps to add special features and products to your shop site. The basic version is allowed about 15 products and a limit of 5 pages which can be upgraded at any time to accommodate new products or services you may decide to inculcate.

A store creation guide takes you through the processes of page development, defines your product and assists in setting up payment options. Ipage security setup is highly advanced and helps to secure your system against malware. You can also manually create a restriction in the server to disable access. For a higher grade of security you may subscribe for secure socket layer (SSL). It encrypts all data being transferred and all exchange of information between computer users and the website. It goes for $31.99 per year.

Ipage Web Hosting Reviews – What’s Great About It.

Exceptionally economical – Ipage web hosting is extremely low-priced. The cheapest shared hosting. It is also of high repute and reliable. This is great for small business owners and startups.

Easy navigation – Ipage is user friendly. Account setup is broken down for internet dummies and made extremely easy to navigate.

Eco friendly – According to Ipage web hosting reviews, all operations are fully powered by renewable energy.

iPage hosting setbacks:

Excessive software offers – superfluous cajoles into various free trials. There is a wide list of marketing services such as free toll-free phone numbers, free listings, Google web master tool, and a host of others which you would have to do a full subscription when the free trial period elapses.

Conclusion – Why iPage?

Hosting a web page can be time consuming and complicated for a newbie. Ipage offers a great solution to this problem. From free domain to easy navigation to the cheapest data hosting plan. A greatly efficient customer service team that works round the clock on telephone support and on chat. It even has a money back guaranteed policy. This is definitely the best solution for online businesses. It is highly recommendable.

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