Domain Registration & Web Hosting with GoDaddy: A Step by Step Guide

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Written by Percy Legrand

When I first wanted to have a website, I never knew that it was such a simple process with GoDaddy. I thought that it would take me a century and consume a lot of my resources. I never had anyone who could have guided me like I am doing to you now. To be honest, I had to consult the internet to know a few things about web hosting and domain registration. I also never knew things to do with GoDaddy domain registration and domain name ownership. This guide highlights the steps I followed to have a unique website hosted by GoDaddy at a very pocket-friendly price. To tell the truth, it was not easy for me to have a website but when I learnt about GoDaddy website builders, my problem was sorted.

After hearing about GoDaddy domain registration, I visited to have a glimpse of what it was all about. Visiting the site only gave me a complicated vocabulary that is web related such as hosting account, uploading your website; previewing your site and making your site live among others. That was the first moment that I learnt that I needed a website platform prior to GoDaddy domain registration. I also found out that I needed to choose my website address and the host. For me, I hadn’t thought of website address, but I had made up my mind regarding the host; GoDaddy. Finally, I learnt that having the setup and website design; I was set to go.

In this guide, I am going to simplify the few steps that are involved in building a website. They are simple steps that will assist you to do it very fast. However, as I give you the steps, I am also going to recommend GoDaddy as the best web builders and hosters.  Look at the steps below, and they might be of great help to you.

Deciding on Your Website Platform

I will be honest with you; I never knew what a website platform was and neither did I know website platform options that were available on the market. However, when I consulted GoDaddy as my website builder, they took me through a few website platforms that are available in the market. For the first time, I heard names such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. What are these? I guess you are asking the same question that I asked. These are website platforms that are most preferred by customers, but I was not in a position to determine which one was better than the rest.

I thank God because GoDaddy is more than domain registration service and website builder. They took me through each one of them and made me understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. To me, I followed keenly on WordPress and found it to be fascinating. Yes, it was my choice and my preference. To start with, GoDaddy works hand in hand with WordPress, and since I had settled on Godaddy as my domain registrar, I had no option but to opt for WordPress.

They also advised me that WordPress was the most convenient platform for a beginner like me and I guess it would do the same for you. After giving WordPress a keen check, I realized that it comes with many layouts and themes and it is free. Installing WordPress is a matter of downloading and installing it for free. What influenced me most about WordPress is the fact it works splendidly for large and small websites. I liked it, and if you are reading this website, you are going to like it too. This was my first step in having a website, and I am sure I have made you understand every detail about it.

Deciding on the Domain Host and Name

May be you are asking what a domain host and name are. I asked GoDaddy the same thing. I like GoDaddy domain registration, and you should give them a trial at to find out more about how incredible they are. They made me realize that having a new website meant two main things; good hosting and having a unique domain name. The issues of cash now come in since having a domain name and hosting was to cost me some few coins. Note that I have carefully used the words ‘a few coins’ since it’s quite cheap with GoDaddy. With about $5 a month, you are going to have a domain name and a host, thanks to GoDaddy domain registration.

To avoid being biased, I think I should tell you that there are other web hosting companies but services vary. For me, I prefer the best, the largest and the most popular. I don’t like taking chances, and I would advise you to do the same. The largest domain registrars are GoDaddy. With them, you can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best.

Finally, Setup Your Website

To me, setting up a website simply means getting the website running. You are now a few miles to having a fully operational website. You remember about WordPress? You download and install it at this point. With now a GoDaddy domain, you just log in to your hosting account and choose the domain in which you want to install your website. That simple, and you have a fully operational website registered and hosted by GoDaddy. Remember to preview your site at this point to see if it is visible. You can use Preview DNS, and if you don’t see your website, then, you need an index file.

There You Go

After that last stage, you are like other people across the globe who pride in having websites. The steps seem simple, but it is because I had already a predetermined host and domain name; GoDaddy. When using other domain registration providers, the steps are the same apart from a few changes here and there. Like I said, this guide contains my opinion based on my experience. Readers are entitled to different opinions depending on their diverse experiences.

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