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Written by Percy Legrand

What does it take to have your own website?

You need to have a domain name and hosting and of course some data files, and if you don’t know what the difference between domain name and hosting is, continue reading this article.

Domain is a name of your website. That is a unique name of a website and only one website can have that chosen name. If you choose and buy a name, no one can copy that name, because it’s unique. Domain name it can be compared with your address, so your address is only your address and no one else’s in the world, except, of course, the other people in your household. No one cannot use your address and present your address as their address. When you decide to sell your house, you are selling the address name too. So domain is just an address, not a house. You cannot buy domain and consider your website done, you also need hosting – which is actually “a house or an apartment” on that “address”.

And what is hosting?

Web hosting is a place for your website. Once you buy a domain you need to buy hosting to upload your files there. It’s like renting, you are renting a place for your stuff and in the computer world, you are buying a storage for storing lots of data files. Hosting providers are usually handling some of the server maintenance work (If you don’t know what maintence work am I talking about, those are – disaster recoveries, root configurations, backup etc.)

Data files

And once you bought an address (Domain name) and rented a place (Web hosting), you need a “furniture”. That means you need to equip your “home” because you cannot live in an empty place. You need to upload your stuff, documents and files there. You basically need to upload everything you need on that site. If you are opening a business site, upload pictures, text about the business, maybe some videos.

Depending on how you imagined that site, upload what you need. And when you are done with that part, your website is ready for the viewers. Advertise your website and the viewers will be able to catch the sight of your business (or whatever is on your site. And, also, if you are using a website for a private use (you will read about that) you can buy a private website and no one will see it.

What is is a website where you buy affordable domain names and also have your own hosting plan., beside domain name registration, specialize in web hosting, VPS hosting, email, SSL certificates, web design and online marketing services Domain name registration costs only $ 9. 99. You won’t find cheaper than this. Hosting prices are cheap too.

  • Linux hosting plan – basic – costs $ 3.75 a month (1 – 3 years), deluxe – 6. 75 a month (1 – 3 years) and ultra – 13.75 a month (1 – 3 years)
  • Windows plans – basic – costs $ 4.75 a month (1 – 3 years), deluxe – $ 7.75 a month (1 – 3 years) and ultra – $ 14. 75 a month (1 – 3 years)

Check the site and see the difference in basic, deluxe and ultra plan.

And which one to choose, linux or windows?

Well, both of those operating systems are offering you the support and reliability, so just choose the system that fits your needs and personal preferences the best

Then, you have VPS plans (VPS is a virtual private network and that kind of a network is creating a secure network connection over a public network (Internet or some other private network)) – standard, pro and premium. The standard one costs $ 29.70 a month, pro costs $ 41.60 a month and the premium one costs $ 67.95 a month.

Also, offers you an instant website! You don’t need any technical knowledge required to set it up and this is an extremely easy intuitive website editor. It’s perfect for small business and personal use and the best thing is – you get a 30 day trial for FREE!

So, if you decide to buy a domain name, first of all you need to do is – domain name search. Wonder what is that? Well you need to check if your wanted name is already taken, so type in the search tab your wanted name and do the domain name search.

When you’re done with the domain name search, you can proceed to the next steps that I already wrote about.

If you only want to buy a domain name ownership, then check out the prices above, but if you want everything, then you should check out one option more – a site builder. You can start building your website today! And this website builder has it all, domain name ownership (which is free), deluxe web hosting, drag and drop site builder, personalized email and much more! Great thing and it costs only $ 6.75 a month

And after you are done with domain name registration you are an owner. No one can have that site name, only you, and if someone needs it, you can sell it. But make sure you do everything by the rules.

Domain name ownership is a great thing, if you have an idea about your business, buy a domain name, buy a website hosting and start your business.

If you have any questions about creating a website, how to create it, or you still haven’t figure out what is domain name or hosting, contact this site and make sure to get to know everything about everything. Don’t pay for something that you don’t know what it is for.

But, believe me, this site is the best site for buying domain names and web hosting, and their team are working really hard to answer all of the buyer’s questions. You can send them an email, you can text them via live chat, and also, you can call them.

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