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GoDaddy Web Hosting
Written by Percy Legrand

The other day I wrote an article comparing hosting companies, and some people questioned my sincerity in that analysis. Today, I have decided to give an in-depth review of GoDaddy web hosting. I am a royal customer of GoDaddy alongside other website hosting companies, and I believe I hold the necessary experience anyone wishing to make a decision as far as domain registration, domain name search, and ownership are concerned can depend on.

In this short article, I will explore the things I like about GoDaddy Web Hosting, and I believe I may help someone who might be wondering if it is a good web hosting company. I know many of you have seen numerous adverts talking of the GoDaddy goodies. If you rarely believe them, then, here are some facts about GoDaddy. I humbly ask you to join me as I give you positive facts about GoDaddy. You can also compare my facts with their website, to see if my facts are true.

I Like Their WordPress

For many people who are not IT experts like me, GoDaddy WordPress is something that you are going to like. Before I learned about GoDaddy, I depended on other companies to host my websites. The bad thing about it is a fact that I could not install WordPress on my own. To be honest, it hurt me very much to pay a consultant to install it for me.

Honestly, I don’t advise web owners to have WordPress installed by third parties. To start with, just know that your web content may not be one hundred percent secure if your WordPress is installed by a third party. Please, do not wait to learn it the hard way like I did. I at times suspected that my content was not secure since it was being tampered with. I later understood where the whole blunder was coming from.

With GoDaddy web hosting, it is possible to install the WordPress manually yourself. Isn’t this amazing? I guess it is. Like I have noted in my previous articles, I don’t trust IT guys. In some cases, I think they overuse their intelligence to tamper with other people’s stuff. Therefore, it becomes paramount to do some stuff on your own without engaging these IT ‘genius.’ If you like privacy like I do, then, I guess you will appreciate GoDaddy domain registration and hosting.

Money Saving with GoDaddy Web Hosting

I know you have heard people say that cheap is expensive but not with It’s a bit humorous to find people who prefer expensive things following that mentality that cheap things turn out to be expensive in the long run. Why can’t you try GoDaddy to prove this belief wrong? Honestly, I used to think like many of my readers until when I had my web hosting done by GoDaddy.

With as little as $7.99 per month, one can have a website hosted. The company, in some instances, does give away lock-ins where prices go as down as $3.99 per month. Why then can you look for other companies to do domain registration when you have a cheap domain registrar? What I have liked about them is the fact that their prices go down as they expand. Therefore, they expansion is our benefit.

GoDaddy’s Fully Integrated System

You all know that having a website comes along with other necessities. Most website owners require a company that has a customer-centered integrated system. When I first consulted GoDaddy web hosting, I thought I would register my domain and host my web only. How wrong was I? They hosted my website, registered my domain, and managed my domain and email at the same time. What is better than having all these stuff managed by one company? If I liked it, then, I guess you will also like it. Having all these services from one company relieves our stress to some extent.

GoDaddy has Secure Systems

One of my worst experiences in life is when someone hacked my email and sent very important people some abusive emails. That did not come out well for me and my business. It has remained to be my worst nightmare so far. Sometimes I wonder how it would be if someone hacked my website.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry when your domain is registered and hosted by GoDaddy. When you have GoDaddy web hosting, then, you don’t have to worry about hackers anymore. All security matters are handled with great seriousness and you can rest assured that your web content is safe. What else can you ask for? Are you still holding that I am being biased?

24/7 Support by GoDaddy Web Hosting

I know that I am one of the many impatient people that God created and GoDaddy knows this. Nothing annoys like when you have a technical query about a gadget that you bought, but you can’t get an instant customer support. When I started blogging and running websites, I came across a technical hitch, and I had to urgently address it.

Surprisingly enough, I called GoDaddy support team, and my hitch was addressed instantly. That saved me a lot of stress and money, and I have held it in my heart ever since. I know you are tossing your head as you are reading this in agreement with my phrase “people get impatient fast.” If that’s the case, don’t go anywhere apart from

Got it!

I have written so much. Does it make sense that GoDaddy saves the day? I hope so. The thought of domain registration, domain name search or hosting, then, GoDaddy gives you the solution. If you are concerned with website building cost, timely customer care response and security of your web content, then, think of no other than GoDaddy. I believe this time round I have tried as much as I can to dissect the facts, at least to convince someone who has been in doubt. Instead of just hearing from people like us who have tried GoDaddy, why can’t you try it and witness it yourself?

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Percy Legrand

Percy is a technology author and writes for many websites and blogs. He is interested in rising technology but is more interested in what makes that technology grow.

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