A Comprehensive Review of GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy Web Hosting
Written by Percy Legrand

This is a must-read article if you are a business-minded person and in need of a cheap and comprehensive web hosting like that one provided by GoDaddy. With the current technological revolution, it would be very hard to thrive and favorably compete with your competitors if you don’t have a website.

Maybe you are wondering where to start and what GoDaddy is all about. Okay, if that is the case, then continue reading this and I am going to explore every detail about the largest domain registrar across the globe. They are known as GoDaddy and may be you have ever heard of things like GoDaddy name search, GoDaddy domain registration or GoDaddy name ownership. Well, if you have never heard of it, then, I am here to take you through it.

On a very sincere note, I believe any business person would be some steps behind without the knowledge of GoDaddy web hosting. But if you are like those who don’t know, then, you don’t need to worry because you are going to know about it today. For me, there are many things that are said about GoDaddy domain registrars, but today I will touch on a few on this review. Trust me; there are thousands of other GoDaddy reviews, and you can have a look at them. I guess you are going to like what I am going to tell you about GoDaddy web hosting.

Ability to Share Web Hosting

I honestly liked this when I first heard of it. I had not heard of any other web builder who had the ability to share web hosting packages. Look at this, hosting your website with GoDaddy gives you this unique advantage. Indeed, I found out that GoDaddy shares web servers with Windows and Linux to give its customers the best. I know you now think where to get money to have a shared web hosting. Don’t worry, with GoDaddy, pricing has never being a big deal.

With its ultimate and deluxe plans, you just part with as little as $14.99 and $ 8.99 respectively. If not interested with this, one can always sign up for their three-month economy package. Now you see why I said GoDaddy saves the day. Check this dear reader; with the economy package, you only part with $7.99 per month. This may sound much to you but before complaining, allow me to say some more things about the GoDaddy domain hosting under this package.

With $7.99 under the economy package, you are assured of a free GoDaddy domain name. Only a domain name? Absolutely no. The company gives you more goodies to create value to your $7.99 monthly payment. In addition to getting a free domain name, one is given the ability to host one website. There we are, you have a domain name and a website. Shouldn’t that be enough for just $ 7.99? The benefits do not end there; customers are also given 100 GB worth of storage.

Imagine a website that has a storage capacity of 100 GB. Honestly, 100 GB is a lot of space for someone who is hosting a simple website. Moreover, with GoDaddy domain registration and web hosting, one gets unlimited data transfers on a monthly basis. Please note that I have used the word unlimited. I think that is the right word to use because I get unlimited monthly data transfers.

Varied Server Plans

Before I forget, let me please take some few seconds to talk about GoDaddy servers. One thing I like about their servers is the fact that they come in many configurations such as Windows and Linux. Let me clarify that lack of dedicated servers is a major problem for many large companies who operate busy websites. The issue of speed comes in, and there is nothing bad like a website that hangs when it has many visitors.

With GoDaddy servers, one can choose a $129 per month plan. To me, this is one of the best server plans, and I guess you will attest to that soon. With only $ 129, you get 20 TB worth of data, 1.5 TB storage, and 32 GB RAM. I think I should stop there since any experienced web user knows what this means to a website.

Easy Website Setup

As I have noted in my other articles, GoDaddy domains give the best websites in the whole world. Godaddy offers free web builders where customers can manage their websites. One can, therefore, add features to a website such as slideshows, forms, Google maps and social media links. To me, I found it easy to drag some items and dropping them into a website to make them part of the website.

Amazing Email Plans

Email storage comes with every GoDaddy domain hosting and registration. With as little as $3.99 one can get an annual email plan where one is given 5 GB worth of email storage. One is also given 2 GB Microsoft cloud storage where data is kept safely. Therefore, if you are looking for a flexible email plan for your website that comes with a website hosting, then, GoDaddy web hosting and Domain registration is your solution.

GoDaddy E-Commerce

To me, this is a bonus and very incredible indeed. If you have a business idea and don’t want to set a shop, then you can start an online shop with GoDaddy. One just needs to sign up for a GoDaddy E-Commerce plan, and you are set to go. With the E-Commerce platform, you can choose a theme; add products and their images, payment and shipping methods and the pricing. With simple steps as you can see, your business is set to go.

Isn’t GoDaddy Incredible?

I have told you critical things that you need to know about GoDaddy domain registration, domain name, web hosting, and name ownership. Your domain registration is simplified with GoDaddy. I would advise you to compare them with other web builders, and you will find out that GoDaddy is the better option.

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