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Written by Percy Legrand

Over the years, people have moved to the digital world which involves them building their businesses on the internet. In order to do so, organizations and individuals have to make use of hosting service providers on the internet. Looking at 1&1 internet web hosting services, it has shown itself to be among the best and world’s most leading web hosting solution servers. 1&1 offers a number of services ranging from 1&1 internet website, web hosting, servers, emails, ecommerce and security.

1&1 Internet website

1&1 offers unique packages for building or constructing your website. These packages allow you to choose from a number of well-designed templates which can be edited to fit your needs. Web apps for business can easily be integrated into your choice style or template by drag and drop port. Some of the features of these apps include apps for Appointment fixing, directions, customer review, operation formatting and a few others.  1&1 hosting services also offers Word Press packages that can be hosted and managed using special web building tools (it is fast and reliable). 1&1 internet billing provides really cheap offers for these packages.

1& 1 offers different types of large hosting services. They include cloud server, virtual server cloud and dedicated server. Starting from the last; dedicated server of 1&1 internet has 3 classes offered to both Linux and Windows. Which are as follows?

Entry level server:-  Entry level dedicated server goes at a price of $79.99 per month after the first three months of promo. It has up to 12 GB of RAM, 1,000 GB storage capacity and infinite monthly data transfer.

Performance server:- Performance server starts at $119.99 per two months after the first 3 months of promo. This server offers 16 GB RAM, better storage capacity of 1,500 GB (2 X 1,500 SATA).

Business Line by Dell:- Offering a 128GB Ram, unique storage space of 6,000GB (8 X1000 GB) at a charge of $449.99 per nine months, but the first 3 months goes for $ 224.99 per month…

Performance server and business line both offer CPU and storage options that aspire to be better than Arvixe.

Virtual server cloud:-  This is the best 1&1 cloud server substructure offering $4.99 per month; given the core tools for developing a website that can handle the difficulties of the internet better. It features both Linux and Windows cored servers. These include 8GB RAM and 16 GB storage with other additional features.

Cloud server:-  Cloud server is the starting feature that offers you low-cost basics to the cloud that has the adaptability to shape in your requirements. It has a low cost of $ 9.99 per month (with 1GB RAM and 50 GB storage space).

Email:-  Every business needs a standard email account as so you are entitled to an account as well. 1&1 internet web hosting plan (starter) comes with about 100 accounts. It has a direct process of set up that is accessed immediately you sign up for the web hosting package.

1&1 Internet Website Ecommerce

Let’s say you decide to start an online shopping store. You would want to consider the pricing because as a startup you need to manage your finances.  1&1 internet can give you a great start at ($ 4.99/ month), and this plan provides you with various layouts and designs, domain name, free uploading of 100 products, multiple payment and shipping methods and an efficient 24hourcustomer service support. There is also CRM for monitoring customer traffic on your website.

1&1 internet hosting offers a feature called “get found” (local listing and social engine marketing). Using  1&1 local list you can publicly advertise your products and services by reaching your targeted market on the widest reaching online directories (Airyell, Yalwa, local database, yahoo, google my business, foursquare, super pages, yelp and others). These 1& 1 local listings provide you with a professional look on online directories.

Email marketing with 1&1 Internet Website

This is a tool offered by 1&1 web host providers. It provides you general information on your email and everything concerning your received and sent email including your marketing progress. The package starts at $9.99 per month. 1&1 email marketing manager also provides marketing principles and guidelines to enable your online business function effectively.

Security with 1&1 Internet Website

1& 1 internet hosting includes SSL certificate which protects everything that has to do with your website. The plan starts from $ 9.99 per year for the first year and $9.99 per year for subsequent years.

Advantages of choosing 1 & 1 hosting

  • You have the option to decide which operating system to use, either Linux or windows hosting.
  • 1&1 websites builders allows for mobile entrances to your websites
  • Friendly data center
  • 1& 1 as one of the cheapest price in its plans and packages.
  • You can pay for personalized configurations or custom.
  • 1& 1 offers aftermarket opportunities, translations of stores into other languages. With& 1&1 internet hosting and 1&1 internet websites you can link great online stores such as eBay, amazon, alibaba to increase the customer database .
  • 1 & 1 gives 24/7 customer services.
  • Unlimited storage.

Disadvantages of 1&1 Internet hosting

From recent 1&1 internet reviews, the only disadvantages they have is the customer support doesn’t offer online support, the board/ control unit port/ dashboard is not insightful.

With the increase in competitiveness between webs hosting companies, comes the emergence of new website hosting technology designed to serve as a competitive advantage.  For instance, 1&1 does not offer FTP port/interfaces which are small hosting services, unlike that offer these features as well as other accompanied components. has a different, more flexible website Construction which gives you various updated styles for your website but 1&1 internet website look the same way as they have been. They have maintained a consistent signatory system and style.

1&1 Internet billing

1&1 internet billing system allows you to view your account balance, amend your payment method, open a PayPal account and use for payment of any of your packages


1&1 internet reviews are on the highly favorable side. There’s a lot to be gained from subscribing for 1&1 internet. It is highly recommendable and is sure to take over the web hosting and e-commerce business in a few years to come.

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