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The World of Unique Fragrances; Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Ralph Lauren perfumes
Written by Hadiyah Sibtain

One of the traits that we humans are privileged to have is the sense of smell.

Now in some cases, this can sometimes work against us, not in a serious sort of way however. Smells can be classified as good or bad and we have the ability to pick out both of them. Good fragrances give us an uplifting feeling while bad fragrances have the ability of dampening out mood. But because of those bad smells, we have come about the invention of something that we call perfumes which have changed, in whatever small way, our way of life. With the invention of these perfumes, we are now able to go on with our daily lives without having to worry about how we smell.

Of course with this invention comes another problem, which fragrance do we buy?

There are different fragrances out there but something that has recently popped up into this scene are the from Ralph Lauren Perfumes.

Now, Ralph Lauren isn’t known for their fragrances, they are known for their polo t shirts and at the very least, their clothing which is what helped them to grown. Recently, they have branched out into selling signature perfumes of their companies which have been selling well.

So, we now have to make the decision whether we are going to get them or not.

The Overview of the Ralph Lauren Perfumes Bottle

As mentioned, Ralph Lauren is not known for their perfumes but that doesn’t mean that they can’t produce good perfumes. This branch, having been formed recently, is said to be inspired by the different worlds that Ralph Lauren encounters explaining that it’s supposed to be scents rooted around the world so that people can feel a connection to it.

Going along that line, the fragrances for women are divided into four basic categories, fruits, spice, citrus and floral. For men, we have fresh, spice, wood and citrus.  All categories have different, unique perfumes in them. As for buying them, it’s readily available on their website where it’s only a matter of selecting and checking it out for it to be shipped around the world for everyone.

Which One is Better?

Now, there are no scarcity in how many companies there are that sell perfumes.

There are even companies out there that only specialize in selling perfumes to the public. They are most commonly new companies that try to get into the perfume scene and generally their perfumes are much more expensive, being termed ‘exclusive’. While it’s true that they cater to the high class people, their perfumes are usually only available on special offers. Regardless, they are usually unaffordable for everyone.

In case of Ralph Lauren perfumes, their goal has been to cater to everyone, especially keeping the middle class people in mind. In that aspect, they are not as expensive as everyone thinks they are. When compared to other companies, they seem to be the right way to go seeing as they are trying their best to make their perfumes special yet available.

What Do We Get From It?

  • Exclusive
  • Has the brand name
  • Easy to buy
  • Great customer service
  • Good refund policy

How Does it Smell To Us?

In clothes we could easily determine the worth of it through examination of what material is being used but for perfumes, we can’t do that as all of the materials are things that we cannot see. The reason why we have to bring about that contrast is because Ralph Lauren is mainly known as a clothing brand.

So How Do We Decide That We Can Buy Ralph Lauren Perfumes?

First, we can say that they offer us a lot of variety despite being part of a clothing brand. They are basically divided into four sections but they have different unique perfumes as well for men and women. They also go for a clear distinction for both genders, the ones for females focusing on being soft and sweet while the fragrances for men going towards husky and strong. It’s an innovative idea on their part and helps people when they shop for these products.

As the Ralph Lauren Perfumes are branded, they are made to suit the brand and the general public. Seeing as you are paying to buy perfume from such a big brand, you are going to get your money’s worth and if not, you can always get your money back. Also the brand name does seem attractive as the scent is always associated to the brand, giving you a rise in popularity. Also they come up with new designs every season so there’s no ending to how many you can choose from.

They also go for great deals and Ralph Lauren Perfumes is very generous with their sales so that’s another plus for you.

The non-appealing parts

The price is a factor, seeing as it’s a branded item.

Ralph Lauren Perfumes usually start from 100 dollars and it differs for every perfume. You might ask, why is there the need to buy perfume that’s so expensive but the truth stands that most exclusive perfume is priced around that range. Being exclusive means it’s of another level and depending on use, you won’t have to buy it all the time.  Seeing as you are getting more in exchange for it, a bottle of exclusive perfume and the prestige that comes with it, it’s not a bad trade off.

Also as this is perfume, unlike when we go to stores, there’s no way that we can smell it and decide on a perfume so we are highly reliant on different recommendations from people. But Ralph Lauren Perfumes’s refund policy works with us on matters like this as if we don’t like it, we can always exchange it.

Giving Ralph Lauren Perfumes a Chance

Looking at all of the points, there seems to be only clear answer for us.

Yes, it might seem extravagant but we all need a little bit of it in our lives. We are important to ourselves and having a little fun now and then isn’t a bad idea. That doesn’t mean that you go out of your way to buy it, if you have the capability to do so, don’t hesitate and go for Ralph Lauren Perfumes!

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