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A Thought in the Form of a Gift from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren
Written by Hadiyah Sibtain

Every occasion has its own charm but something that’s common for all of them is the practice of giving presents. Though everyone may not love giving gifts, they do love receiving them, be it from family or friends. In the digital world, the giving of presents has become somewhat of a rare occurrence as people don’t usually want to go the extra mile for them. But we still have ‘serious’ occasions such as birthdays, weddings or house warming parties which require gifts. People are usually not picky when receiving gifts and the perfect gift is always hard to find, depending on the person that you are giving it to.

For birthdays, gifts are usually given depending on the personality of the person so it doesn’t really have to be expensive or from a named brand but for other functions which may include weddings, house warming parties and any other official occasion, you need to go the extra mile to show that you care.

This is where Ralph Lauren comes in. As a company, it has stretched its barriers far and wide to make sure that it can cater to the people for everything other than clothing. Though their gift section is still relatively a small sector but it’s growing by leap and bounds. So let’s see what Ralph Lauren offers us.

What’s special about it?

Much like how you shop online, it’s as simple to buy them from Ralph Lauren’s online store.

The website is well organized and gifts do not necessarily have to be bought from the section. Ralph Lauren does give their customers the opportunity to buy gift cards for all of their products. Personalized items or such are usually best bought from the internet while other general items are best bought from any Ralph Lauren outlet near you. It’s usually not possible to get them in stores that sell Ralph Lauren products.
Simply put, you check and pick your items to be shipped to you.

Is the wrapping better from Ralph Lauren or from other places?

Most big stores give their customers the chance to buy gift cards. Gift cards usually range from having a limit on the amount or having the product specifically stated on the packaging. The most common gift is usually the limited dollar amount. Gifts are usually bought from places that specialize in that concept and while the gifts are top notch, they are usually more expensive. In case of Ralph Lauren, their presents involving their clothing are bound to be great, given their reputation for it. Their gift section is also very extensive and not as expensive as it might be in other stores. They also have different kinds of gift cards so you don’t have to go to your nearest outlet to get it.

Ralph Lauren is also generous with their refunds which some stores are not prone to be. So going for Ralph Lauren seems to be the best idea.

What’s inside the box?

-Unique gifts

-Good refund and cancel policy

-Good quality

-Variety of products

Is it to our taste?

Being a global brand, Ralph Lauren works to make sure that their customers have variety and that shows in their gift section. They are divided into sections for women, men, children and gifts that come under 150 dollars or 500 dollars.

There are also personalized gifts and the extra special gifts for people who want to go that extra mile. There are also gifts for home and babies so every base has been covered. The gifts in those categories are extensive so you have no problem in choosing a gift. Ralph Lauren also has regular sales in which they offer discounts for everyone which works out well for everyone.
From perfumes to ornaments, there is everything.

As you are buying from a brand such as Ralph Lauren, you know that your product will be of a good quality. Seeing as they prize themselves on delivering perfect products, they are not likely to make a mistake. Also, their products are usually long lasting. In case of ornaments, there is no need to worry about that but if you are giving gifts like bags or blankets, it matters quite a bit. Having a product from a named brand also attracts a different kind of admiration and makes you the centre of the party but giving it commands more admiration as it shows how much you care about the person you are giving it to.

Any tears in the wrapping?

The first con is that it may be too expensive. Their products usually start from above 50 dollars for adults and under 50 for children.

Ralph Lauren is after all a named brand and branded things are usually more expensive than things that you can buy at any retailer but still, name is important and so is the quality of your product. Besides this is only for the extra special people in your heart so you are not likely to spend money on buying Ralph Lauren products as gifts for everyone you know.

You also have to be more careful with their products as it is delicate and in case of ornaments, you have to be extra careful as it they might break quite easily. Another disadvantage is that you cannot return personalized gifts but that’s expected given that it’s something you designed yourself so only go for it if you are sure of getting it. Buying online has another disadvantage for buying perfumes as you cannot smell them before buying them. Though their refund policy is great so you can overcome that barrier pretty easily.

Is the whole package worth it?

If there is someone special in your heart, someone you like or a family member or maybe you want to be in your boss’s good graces, go for Ralph Lauren. You know you are not going to be disappointed with their products and they can always refund if your desired person doesn’t like it. Of course only go for the personalized gift if you know the person well but besides that, you won’t face any problem.

So be on the lookout for their products and go for it!

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