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Overview of the product is an online shopping site that any person in need of fragrance may visit for the best authentic products in this field. There exist many online shopping sites offering similar services but the challenge lies in finding an authentic one with authentic products. As an online shopping site started in 1995, has stood the taste of time that has contributed to its development as a company that has created a reputation that has built customer loyalty. The time of its existence has had many customers experience with it hence ranking it high as an authentic online shopping site. offers a wide variety of fragrance products with 7000 products that beat the product diversity of any other online shopping site offering similar products. These products are arranged on the site for easy perusal by customers based on gender of the product usage such as female or male, top sellers, brands, and gift sets.

Product Comparison

There exist many sites posing as online shopping sites for fragrance products. Many have included products diversely signifying to the company’s abilities but few actually have the products in stock and hence have high levels of customer disappointment. ensures highly ethical treatment of its customers and image availing all products that it posts on its site to its customers. As an online shopping site, the power to command a large number of customers and product abilities lies in the company’s ability to ensure the information availed on the websites matches the abilities of the company. meets this requirement. It works as an online shopping site providing fragrances to its customers and therefore meets the information it avails on its sites with the ability to deliver all products that customers seek from it.

Features of the product

The features of an online shopping site contribute to its uniqueness that many customers seek. Some of the features that make an online shopping site meet the demand include the simplicity of its website that eases the customers’ ability to view products and use. Any online shopping site that fails to meet this requirement has difficulties sustaining its customer base and hence losing out to competitors. has a simple website that any person may easily read and use. The simplicity of the website is also on its none congestion with adverts that are a turnoff for many customers. The product layout is unique and attractive with easy to follow instructions that facilitate customer usage. These have seen many customers consider it as the stop center when seeking an online shopping site that matches the customers’ abilities.

Pros of the product as an online shopping site provides many advantages to the customers. These include a high level of transaction security that proves an issue that any online shopping site needs to address. ensures a high level of authenticity in its products and information shared which any successful online shopping site needs to focus on for success in the market. The company has also ensured highly efficient IT department that connects the information technology needs of the business and the service effects. As an online shopping site information technology remains the backbone of its operations. Securing it proves key in ensuring the services offered by the online shopping site remain free from disruptions and customer information is protected. The online shopping sites also usher customers into the highly innovative market from the traditional market. This market is highly convenient for many customers considering the ease of transacting and product delivery.

Cons of the product

As an online shopping site, faces significant threats of cyber crime. The increasing level of cyber crime has an impact on the business of any online shopping site considering it affects the level of trust that customers have in the transactions hence encouraging traditional shopping approaches. Online shopping involves sharing of crucial customer information that many hackers target. The disconnection between the online shopping site with the physical delivery systems affects its ability to meet customer satisfaction levels. The distance between the customer and the location of the online shopping site affects its delivery system. The exposure to cyber crime also increases the risks of customer information for any online shopping site, which increases the fears in customers and leads to reduced market activity. These disadvantages threaten the growth of any online shopping site including

Why should the customer buy the product?

Customers need to consider for various reasons in meeting their fragrance needs. These include the high-level service delivery offered by the company, the customer oriented approach to marketing that aims at revealing the product details to customers that eases consumption and the simplicity that the online shopping site offers to users. also provides a variety of options for the customers that increases the pool of choices from which they choose their fragrance needs. The highly dedicated team of experts and staff that work in both the online service and delivery is a bonus to the service need that customers experience when they shop at The above reveal that remains highly placed in position to meet the fragrance needs of the customers compared to its competitors.

Conclusion has for many years continued serving its customers since its inception as an online shopping site. The years of experience in this market have enabled the company develop security measures that protect customer information from cyber criminals. The company has continually improved its systems and services including customer demanded changes all aimed at serving its customers better. The growth and development of the company have pegged on these, which have also increased the level of positioning as resulting from high customer recommendations and appreciations. Many online shopping sites have failed in this regard due to the negatives surrounding their service delivery. ensures all products placed on its website as available are available in case of any customer demand hence reducing the level of disruption in its services.


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